JKA Noble Park was established in 2004 as a member of the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization - the Japan Karate Association. 


We practice a style of karate known as Shotokan - a dynamic martial art that utilises the entire spectrum of motion – namely fast and slow movement, expansion and contraction of the body and hard and soft techniques. The practice requires one to develop a strong foundation with a focus on balance, core strength, flexibility, movement and power generation. 

JKA Noble Park was founded on a strong karate passion and spirit. We strive for excellence in both the physical aspects of the art such as self-defense, fitness and competition as well as the mental and spiritual development of positive personal qualities such as confidence, perseverance, focus and respect – qualities useful in every aspect of life. 

JKA Noble Park

​​​​There are many reasons to choose JKA karate, some instructors simply say "why not". The structured JKA approach allows for development of ones physical, mental and spiritual health through simple and effective techniques whilst utilising natural body movement to develop speed and sharpness.

Here are a few benefits of joining JKA:

Why JKA?

​​​The World’s Foremost Authority on Karate

JKA is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization. The JKA is the preserver of the soul and spirit of the art of kokufu-bunkakarate-do-karate based on the ancient Japanese tradition of Bushido (the way of the samurai). With a global membership of over 100 countries, the depth of knowledge and level of skill is unrivalled. 

Self Improvement

JKA Karate offers ongoing and constructive self-improvement. Over time and with proper practice, physical and mental qualities develop significantly. Students develop the qualities of humility and self-confidence - desirable traits inside and outside the Dojo.

 State, National and International Competition

Competition is one way we test our skill as part of our training. The rules of JKA competition are the same at State, National and International level. As a member, you will have an opportunity to compete on all levels.

World Class Instructors

To be the best you need to train with the best - it's a commonly used quote. As a student, you will be exposed to the teaching and guidance of some of the Karate world’s highest qualified and talented people. The quality of instruction here in Australia is of the highest order. Home grown senior instructors and visiting Japanese instructors hold regular training seminars and are actively involved with every affiliated Dojo in the country.

Effective Self-Defense

Karate is not a game of points, weight classes or showy demonstrations. It is a martial art and way of life that trains one to be peaceful; but if conflict is unavoidable, true karate dictates neutralising an opponent with a single move. Where the aggression is non-physical, our training helps us to diffuse a threatening situation in an assertive, controlled and non-violent manner.