Saturday, 3rd of March, all students, parents and judges can be seen feeling the calm before the storm! The elimination competition on Saturday had seen Kyu grade event followed through to completion and Black Belt events though to finalists. 

JKA NP went to the Championship with a small contingent of 10 representatives.

As with any competition the elimination rounds are always exciting as one can never guess what may happen particularly with juniors who do not have much/any competition experience. Two courts were in use with little or no time between events due to the number of competitors.

In the Kyu grade competition there was plenty of skill, speed and technique - no doubt all students prepared for the event. 

One key result for JKA NP came in the Kyu Grade Team Kata event.

JKA NP had one Team Kata entry comprising of Natasha R (7th Kyu), Kavery J (8th Kyu) and Naveeka M (9th Kyu). The event had 11 teams, most of whom consisted of brown belts making the JKA NP team the lowest ranked kyu grade team.

The signs of nerves were obvious and completely understandable. As the girls stepped into the court however the training had kicked in and thoughts of nerves and the "what if" had shifted to the background. The team performed Heian Nidan and just like in training the timing and synchronisation was obviously demonstrated. During the performance of the kata 2 minor timing differences were observed, however the technical movements were executed with speed and kime. The final scores reflected the hard work the girls put in leading up to the event - training before and after class as well as meeting up on weekends.

JKA NP finished 3rd amongst much more experienced competitors who performed kata of higher difficulty. 

A huge well-done to the girls for an outstanding performance and for representing the dojo with such exceptional skill and effort!

The Gasshuku was held over 3 days. 

The sessions focused on detailed basic techniques, appropriate shifting of power and the use of joints for efficient movement - no part of the body or technique can evade Shihan Imura's eye and for every case there was a basic exercise to highlight the right and wrong way of doing the action. 

One session was dedicated to a detailed study of the Kata Jitte which was famously done by Shihan Imura on so many occasions. Jitte literally means "10 hands", it has been given that name since the mastery of Jitte should allow one to perform the actions of 10 men. Jitte also has the unique characteristic of no punches or kicks, The clip on the right is Imura Shihan performing the championship winning kata at the 6th Shoto World Cup - 1996, Osaka.

Shihan Imura still makes Jitte look as easy today as he did back then - must have something to do with all his special push-ups... 


Gasshuku, exams and more..

​In closing we'd like to congratulate Sensei Jim Wood MBE for his appointment to the JKA Shihankai by Ueki Shuseki Shihan - Chief Instructor of JKA. Imura Shihan announced Wood Sensei's honourable appointment during the JKA-KDA National Gasshuku. This a truly incredible achievement and one which all JKA Karate-ka have as a long term goal. 

We'd also like to extend a big thank you Shihan Jim Wood MBE and Sensei Aileen Wood for organising a fantastic event - it all came together beautifully.

Well done to all the competitors from the JKA NP dojo and from all other JKA-KDA dojo's, It was truly a special event and one we'll all talk about for years to come.  We're already looking forward to seeing everyone's progress at our next meeting.


In the midst of all the training most seniors took the opportunity to test their karate progress and sit accreditation exams. Level C and D Judge, Instructor and Examiner exams were undertaken with an excellent Judging seminar conducted by Sensei Wood, 7th Dan JKA.

The 2 hour judging seminar covered all the basics and provided clarity for cases where special consideration needs to be taken into account. By the end of the seminar the nerves had subsided and the exams were undertaken with a sense of calmness and confidence - thank you Sensei Wood!

The theoretical and practical exams were conducted under the watchful eye of Imura Shihan.

Whilst nerves were obvious in some cases, there was no denying that all examinees bought their JKA karate spirit to the dojo that day.

A special mention and congratulations to Sensei Toni Coates for achieving her Level C Examiner. Sensei Toni visits our dojo often and she has been fantastic at organising extra sessions for all JKA KDA Victorian members whenever we're preparing for any special event.

Sensei Toni has a great group of students and we look forward to what their future holds under Sensei Toni's guidance. For more information about Sensei Toni and her dojo please check out the JKA Rowville website

JKA KDA National Gasshuku & Championship 2018

1st - 4th March 2018, Mandurah WA

Special guest VIP JKAHQ Instructor T. IMURA SHIHAN

​​​The 2018 JKA KDA National Gasshuku and Championship was held in the picturesque town of Mandurah, Western Australia. We were welcomed by clear skies and high 20's temperature - simply perfect.

There was a sense of excitement in the air as we were  about to catch up with our extended karate family and train with the legendary JKAHQ Instructor Shihan Imura Takenori, 8th Dan JKA. Shihan Imura has a phenomenal resume with podium finishes in major competitions between 1980 and 1996. More details about Shihan Imura can be found here.

Please note; the following report is based on JKA NP member involvement and may not reflect actions/achevements of members form other dojo's/States.

For a full report which provides overall event perspective please visit the the JKAHQ web site.

There were many highlights and exciting points scored thought the competition but there were two notable moments which caught everyone's attention...

The top video on the left is of Deen Selmanovic in the Boys Black Belt, 13-15yrs Kumite quarter finals. Deen executed a well timed and well controlled Giaku Zuki (Reverse Punch) whilst his opponent was advancing. Deen makes the technique look easier than it is and the fact that Deen remains calm and in distance the entire time shows real maturity.

The bottom video on the left is of Omar Selmanovic in the Boys Black Belt, 16-18yrs Kumite semi finals. Omar scored what we believe is the point of the championship with a beautiful Jodan Kizami Mawashi Geri (Front Foot Round House Head Kick). Beautifully controlled and blistering fast. Also a fantastic demonstration of budo spirit and attitude with Omar's opponent coming over after the match to congratulate Omar on the win - a fantastic demonstration of the beauty of budo karate and the positive values it's instilling in the next generation.

At the conclusion of the championship the JKA NP Results were as follows:
Naveeka Mannapperuma, Ladies 9th-4th Kyu Event, 2nd place Kata, 3rd place Kumite
Kavery Jeyakumar, Ladies 9th-4th Kyu Event, 1st place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Natasha, Kavery, Naveeka, Mixed Kyu grade Team Kata, 3rd place
Sajeda Zaki, Ladies 9th-4th Kyu Event, 3rd place Kata, 2nd place Kumite
Sayera Zaki, Mixed Brown Belt Event, 2nd place Kumite
Deen Selmanovic, Boys Black Belt, 13-15yrs Event, 2nd place Kata
Omar Selmanovic, Boys Black Belt, 16-18yrs Event, 3rd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Adis Kadic, Mens Black Belt Event, 1st place Kata, 2nd place Kumite
Eddie Kadic, Mens Black Belt Event, 3rd place Kata, 1st place Kumite